I have been teaching piano for over 45 years with 42 of those years full time.  I studied piano for 13 years and still I learn something new each year.

I teach children age 4 thru adults age ?.  I love working with children and I love the piano so this is the perfect profession for me.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have enjoyed playing for church.  I have been a full time accompanist for churches in the area and currently work as a supply pianist for churches in need of a last minute fill-in pianist.  The Lord has given me the gift of sight-reading which makes it easy for me to step in when the need arises on a Sunday morning.

I also love to accompany so I accompany throughout the year for school choirs, band and orchestra solos, special church programs, etc.  I have to work this around my piano teaching because the piano student schedule comes first.

I have served in every office of Garland Music Teachers Association. I am a member of East Texas MTA where I am currently Vice President. I also have membership in Jacksonville MTA. These Associations are members of Texas Music Teachers Assoc. and Music Teachers National Assoc.  My association with Van Zandt County Music Teachers and these other music teacher organizations enable my students to participate in many festivals, theory tests, music history tests, publication contests and composition contests.   I currently serve on the Theory Committee, World of Music committee for TMTA and as Assistant Chair of June Leondar Competition. I just finished serving as TMTA Vice President of Student Activities. In the past I served as TMTA Director and TMTA World of Music Coordinator.  I also am a member of the Texas Federation of Music Clubs and National Federation of Music Clubs where I serve as TFMC State Competition Judge Chairman.  I have served multiple times as President of the Garland Music Club, Garland Music Teachers Association and Garland Federation of Women’s Clubs.

I like to send boxes of goodies to our Military when they are deployed.  My students have also packed boxes around Christmas to send overseas and we will most likely be doing that again this year.

I want students to enjoy piano because it is something they can carry with them for the rest of their life.  My hope is that they will share their music with others.

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