Watch for your name after a festival!!

Jazz Festival Trophy Recipient 2021—Rachael Fiscus

VZCMT Fall Festival 2021 Trophy Recipients—Alafair Burke & Gus Bishop

TMTA 2021-22 Theory Medalists: Adrianna and Abigail Moore, Silas Johnson, Maryam and Cassandra Cachero, Gus Bishop, Jocelyn Paredes, Scout Benefield, Siri Perritt, Christopher Reynolds, Michael DeLaCruz, Lily Bohannan, Abigail, Robert, Rachael and Michael Fiscus, Sofia and Samuel Sanchez, Skylee Key, Kinlea and Kes White, Maryann and Wade Sinclair, Alafair Burke, Joel Davila, Paisley Phillips, Andrew Neal, Andrew Varghese, Anais Moncada, Elli Strickland, Granger and Alexis Prachyl, Davi Kirksey, Autumn Sieja, Mila Maciel, and Carson Carter

Sonata/Sonatina Festival 2022 Winners—3rd Place Rachael Fiscus;
4th Place—Sofia Sanchez & Samuel Sanchez; HM—Robert Fiscus

TFMC Jr Festival Trophy Recipients 2022—Gus Bishop, Alafair Burke, Joel Davila, Moira Lee, Abigail Moore, Kes White, Kinlea White

GMTA Hymn Festival Honors Winners 2022—Category A: Sofia Sanchez, Samuel Sanchez, Robert Fiscus, Rachael Fiscus, Joel Davila
Category B: Amanda Davila, Rachael Fiscus  Category C: Anais Moncada

GMTA Spring Festival Honors Winners 2022—Amanda Davila, Joel Davila, Anais Moncada, Abigail Fiscus, Rachael Fiscus, Samuel Sanchez

ETMTA Achievement Auditions Honors 2022—Alafair Burke, Maryam Cachero, Amanda Davila, Abigail Fiscus, Rachael Fiscus,

VZCMT Spring Festival Superiors 2022—Madison Anderson, Reagan Anderson, Davi Kirksey, Kes White, Kinlea White, Alafair Burke (2 categories), Abigail Moore, Adrianna Moore, Skylee Key, Elliana Strickland, Carson Carter, Silas Johnson, Gus Bishop, Siri Perritt, Mila Maciel (2 categories), Christopher Reynolds and Lilia Green

TMTA 2022 World of Music Medalists:  Adrianna and Abigail Moore, Silas Johnson, Gus Bishop, Scout Benefield, Mila Maciel, Siri Perritt, Ava Robinson, Christopher Reynolds, Rachael and Robert Fiscus, Andrew Varghese

23 Students participated in TMTA 2022 Convention Ensembles.  Plan to play next year in Waco!!

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