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I have started a piano studio in East Texas, teaching one day per week in Silver Lake.  If you know of anyone in the Grand Saline/Mineola/Canton area wishing to have piano lessons, I am accepting students for that studio, both home schooled morning lessons and afternoon for private/public school students.

Fall Events:  Theory test is October 27th and Jazz Festival is November 3rd.  We will be playing at Macy's @ Firewheel Mall December 14-16 for Christmas.

VZMTA has a Fall Festival November 10th in Canton and a Recital November 11th.  Mark your calendars.

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January 19, 2019--GMTA Hymn Festival.  First Methodist Church.  Fee: $15.-$17.00

October 27, 2018-TMTA Theory Exam.  Axe Methodist Church.  Fee:  $10.00

October 21, 2018 GMTA monthly recital.  First Presbyterian Church

December 1, 2018-TMTA Original Composition deadline.  Fee $15.00

January 10, 2019--TMTA Publication Competition Essay deadline.  Fee $10.00

February 2, 2019- TMTA Theory Exam.  Axe Methodist Church. Fee: $10.00

December 14-16, 2018--Christmas Play-A-Thon @Macy's Firewheel

February 23, 2019- GMTA Sonata/Sonatina Festival. First Methodist. Fee: $15.00 

February 10, 2019- GMTA monthly recital.   First Presbyterian Church

March 25-29, 2019--GMTA World of Music Exam  Fee:  $10.00

March 31, 2019--GMTA Monthly recital, First Presbyterian Church

September 23, 2018--GMTA monthly recital.    First Presbyterian Church

November 3, 2018  GMTA Jazz Festival.  First Methodist Church.  Fee: $15.00

February 9, 2019- GMTA-SA Performance Contest--First Presbyterian Fee: $30.00

March 2, 2019- TFMC Jr. Festival.  First Methodist Church.  Fee: $26.00

February 2, 2019 --deadline for Convention Ensemble entries