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TFMC All State Winners, 2018:  Sofia Sanchez and Cheyenne Paul

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Jazz Festival Trophy Winners 2017-18 were:  Genevieve Avant, Cheyenne Paul,

Lily Gonzalez, Andrew Varghese, Anais Moncada, Austin Tsao

Hymn Festival 2017-18  I+ ratings were: Andrew Varghese, Mathew Varghese, Abigail Fiscus, Samuel Sanchez, Sofia Sanchez, Anais Moncada, Parker Kindle, Jasper Holmes and Deirdre Holmes.   Superior ratings were: Moira Lee, Cheyenne Paul, Shannon Fiscus, Amanda Davila and Henry Magee.

Sonata/Sonatina Festival 2018 Winners: 2nd Place-Deirdre Holmes,

3rd Place-Abigail Fiscus, 3rd Place-Shannon Fiscus  Superiors: Samuel Sanchez, Moira Lee, Henry Magee, Cheyenne Paul, Anais Moncada, Sofia Sanchez, Michael Fiscus, Justin Vo and Vinh Nguyen

Spring Festival Honors 2018 Winners were:  Andrew Varghese (2 categories), Sofia Sanchez, Lily Gonzalez, Deirdre Holmes, Samuel Sanchez, Anais Moncada, Jasper Holmes (2 categories), Ethan Irrobali

2018 TFMC Jr. Festival Trophy Winners:  3 yr Cups: Anais Moncada,

Brody Ryan.  6 yr Cup:  Andrew Varghese.  9 yr Cup:  Mathew Varghese

2018 State Jr. Festival All State Winners: Sofia Sanchez and Cheyenne Paul.  Outstanding Winners: Amanda Davila, Abigail Fiscus, Michael Fiscus, Rachael Fiscus, Robert Fiscus, Shannon Fiscus, Deirdre Holmes, Jasper Holmes, Moira Lee, Anais Moncada, Samuel Sanchez, Andrew Varghese and Mathew Varghese

2017-18 World of Music Medalists:  Moira Lee, Samuel Sanchez, Ethan Irrobali, Andrew Varghese, Mathew Varghese, Henry Magee, Abigail Fiscus, Eashan Parsotam and Krishna Patel.

2017-18 Theory Medalists:  Moira Lee, Samuel Sanchez, Andrew Varghese, Mathew Varghese, Henry Magee, Shannon Fiscus, Jasper Holmes, Deirdre Holmes, Abigail Fiscus, Eashan Parsotam and Krishna Patel.

Van Zandt County Music Teachers 2018 Spring Festival Superior +: Anais Moncada, Sofia Sanchez, Samuel Sanchez and Parker Kindle. 

Superior Ratings: Ella Nichols, Avery Nichols and Anna Miller